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Presiding Elder Blue

Rochester-Syracuse District

Reverend Derrill A. Blue preached his trial sermon on June 9, 2002 and began his pastoral vocation at the age of 23.  

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Presiding Elder Holloway

Buffalo District

On October 21, 2005 Rev. Holloway preached his initial sermon, and in 2006 he received His Local Preachers License in the Akron District.

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Presiding Elder Harris

Long Island District

Rev. Harris’ first pastoral charge was the Dunston Chapel AME. Zion Church, Polkton, North Carolina.

Western New York Conference

Meadows Headshot.jpg

Presiding Elder Meadows

Albany District

Rev. Meadows preached his trial sermon in 1994 at Fisher Chapel AME Zion Church. Over the next 12 years he was ordained deacon and an elder .

Elder King.png

Presiding Elder King

Boston District

While studying for her divinity degree, Rev. King served as the pastor of the Black Church at Yale for two years. 


Presiding Elder Branch

Westchester District

Elder Branch is the Senior Presiding Elder in the New York Conference, Presides over the Westchester District.

Western New York Conference

Western New York Conference 
New England Conference 
New York Conference
New York Conference
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Presiding Elder Carson

New York City & London District

He preached his trial sermon in December 1991. He furthered his education by receiving his Master of Divinity from Hood Theological Seminary.

Elder Maven.jpeg

Presiding Elder Maven

Jersey City District

Dr. Maven began his journey into the Christian ministry as a local preacher at the St. John African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, Mizpah, NJ in July 1978.

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Presiding Elder Coakley

Midland District

Born April 17, in Charleston, South Carolina, to proud parents Albert (deceased) and Rose Coakley, Kevin Coakley began the journey “Who Am I?” He is married to the enchanting and lovely Mrs. Lashundra Denise Coakley, his partner in ministry and in life. 

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Presiding Elder Godette

Camden District

Presiding Elder Laticia Hill Godette has a servant’s heart and has served as a Pastor for the last 18 years. 

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Presiding Elder Jones

Hartford District

Pastor Jones was called to preach in 1979, while he was a member of the historic Evans Metropolitan A.M.E. Zion Church in Fayetteville, North Carolina

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Presiding Elder Lewis 

Nassau District

Since May 18, 2003, Rev. Lewis has served as the pastor of the Green Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church in Portland, Maine; the oldest Black institution in the State of Maine. 

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Presiding Elder McKenzie

Technology, Logistics and Advancement

His pastoral ministry began in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1976, where he remained through 1982, before relocating to Connecticut.

New York & London-Midland Conference 
New Jersey Conference
New Jersey Conference
New England Conference 
London-Midland Conference
Bahamas Islands Conference
New England Conference